Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lesson 5, Science - What Is True?

Thanks for understanding and allowing the group to take a week off last week! Truly, I needed a night to rest.

This week we started the wordview tour as it pertains to science. Naturally creation versus evolution is one of the larger topics of this.

"the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows His handiwork" (Psalm 19:1) so that the Creator's "invisible attributes are plainly seen" (Romans 1:20), mankind has nevertheless chosen to ignore the obvious truth.

Isn't that something to ponder? It is plain to see the wonder of His works on this earth. I've looked at a flame in our fireplace and thought, "how does the flame know to stop without seeking more fuel beyond the fireplace boundries?" I'm sure that a person much smarter than me could expain why - fire also needs oxygen; therefore the size of the flame is proportionate with the amount of air being allowed in the confined space thereby keeping the overall size of the flame minimal given the amount of fuel it's given to consume. But... how does it know that? The wonder of God's work... it is plain to see is everything.

I like the "Did You Ever Wonder" Video played in Lesson 5 (you can view it from this link):

I'm looking forward to next weeks lesson - part 2 of Lesson 5 and I believe we will try and move onto Lesson 6 (History) as well.

I truly am greatful and thank God for Mrs. Gray and my wifes comittment to these lessons and this Life Group.

Again - if anyone is reading this and you want to attend... WE WELCOME YOU! We meet at my house every Tuesday night at 7 PM. Contact me at: if you want to attend and need directions.

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